I have been blessed to work with many amazing people in the gifted community over the past several years. Here are some of the places where you can find my work with others.


Positive Disintegration Study Group

It's important to me that we have a strong online community for individuals who resonate with Dabrowski’s theory. During quarantine in spring 2020, I started a Positive Disintegration Study Group with my friend and colleague, Kate Arms. We meet via Zoom on the fourth Saturday of every month for 90 minutes. There’s also a Facebook group for members so that we can keep in touch and share thoughts and questions in between meetings. If you’re interested in joining, please contact Chris for more information.

Institute for the Study of Advanced Development

In my role as the director of qualitative research at ISAD, I consult with academics and graduate students from around the world who study giftedness and Dabrowski’s theory. See the Research page for more.


Parents of Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Kids

Along with Kate Arms and Jen Merrill, I’m the admin for a wonderful parent group on Facebook for parents of gifted and twice-exceptional kids. Join us here.

We also have a website with an archive of videos that we’ve made for parents and gifted adults.

Third Factor Magazine

In 2018, I worked with Jessie Mannisto as executive editor on Third Factor. I wrote two pieces for TF that year:

Overexcitability: Where It Came From, Where It’s Going

Third Factor Reads: Mellow Out by Michael M. Piechowski

Embracing Intensity  

Listen to my guest appearance on the Embracing Intensity Podcast, Episode 111: Shining the Light on Positive Disintegration.


Keep an eye out in 2021 for a new video series called “Transform” that I’m creating with Tina Harlow, LCSW, founder of Guiding Bright. Tina and I presented “From Pathology to Power: A New Lens for Viewing Challenging Behavior” for the SoulSpark Learning Empowerment Summit Series in September 2020.