Calm Sea

My area of expertise is Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD), and I'm currently working on a book about the life and work of Dr. Michael M. Piechowski

My latest paper is The Origins and Conceptual Evolution of Overexcitability (PDF) with Dr. Frank Falk. 

Click here to access the paper from Psychologia Wychowawcza.

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I also study the lived experience of giftedness and twice-exceptionality. On this page, you can find a select offering of work that you might find helpful. 

My interest in giftedness and positive disintegration is personal. I used autoethnography to explore my past, which I have written about in a paper titled "The Primary Importance of the Inner Experience of Giftedness."

Click here for a video of my conference presentation from January 2015 at The Qualitative Report Conference, Ft.

I strongly recommend that my clients invest time reading, thinking, and discussing giftedness and positive disintegration. I am happy to recommend and provide relevant readings. Personal growth is a highly individual journey, and it helps to have a guide who knows the terrain. 

For more on Kazimierz Dabrowski, MD, Ph.D.:

Click here to visit Bill Tillier's comprehensive website on Dabrowski's theory. You can purchase PDF copies of all of Dabrowski's available English work, as well as many related materials, here.  


I began collecting materials and creating my own archive of materials related to TPD and giftedness in 2017 while working on a literature review to present at the National Association for Gifted Children.

Click here to access the repository of research I’ve created on Dabrowski’s theory. Check back soon for more.


Parenting Stress

Like many others who’ve chosen to specialize in working with the gifted, my experiences led me to this path—as a person who identifies as twice-exceptional and because of my parenting journey.

My indecision around a specialization partly influenced my doctoral work in parenting stress—I had a hard time deciding whether educational psychology or health psychology was the direction I wanted to take. I decided to go with education, but my real emphasis was qualitative research methods. It was clear from health psychology that stress has an enormous impact on every aspect of our lives and makes it difficult to function optimally in any role.

Parenting stress was a natural topic for me because my son is twice-exceptional. My husband and I experienced a significant amount of stress when we were navigating neuropsych exams and IEPs. We ended up pulling our son out of public school, and he was unschooled for four years.